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Principal Speech

In this context the Brothers of Charity, initiators of KIGOMA TRAINING COLLEGE, have given priority to develop a training of Student in order to get a real impact in the first place on the educational and social picture of Kigoma and its environing regions, and even of the country. Our vision and mission were purified. And the values and motives behind our efforts have become more and more clear: we refuse to sit down observing those many problems in the field of health and family, of justice and poverty, of conflict and violence, of illiteracy, ignorance and education. We want to train social workers with broad vision and competence to reach out to a variety of problems, and mastering a variety of skills: skills of care-giving, of education, of administration, of networking. Blessings!

Br kusaya

Chief Academic Speech

Academic Achievements and Constraints of this Institute since its start: - it is very comforting for us to mention our graduates are being easily absorbed in the competitive labor market, we take pride in stories where our graduates beat their colleagues from other higher learning institutions where they compete for work in the field - graduates of diploma program have been easily admitted into Bachelor programs and their performance has been outstanding so far, we owe this to the quality of our training - and the integration of our training is growing rapidly in the region, especially through the placement of our students in various organizations for field practice. Through fieldwork, our students have been able to make a big impact in the development and welfare of the people in Kigoma region. Blessings to you all!

Mr Ndemeleje Cornery


To be self-sustaining, high quality education excellence and innovative higher learning institute in Tanzania.

Our mission

Kigoma Training College as a higher learning institute is committed to provide:
 Demand driven quality education to students so as to enable them becomes responsible professionals with moral and ethical values in the society.
 A holistic development of the personal by providing sounding knowledge, skills, higher analytical ability and commitment to generous service and respect to humankind.
 To orient, actualize and harmonize the training towards the needs of the society such as those in the field of literacy, hunger, disaster, relief, environment, poverty, and health.
 Quality teaching, research