A Brief History of Kigoma Training College

Kigoma Training College is a secular non-profit making private Institute. It was established by the congregation of the Brothers of Charity in accordance with the Laws of Tanzania

Kigoma Training College formerly Newman Institute of Social Work is a growing Institution in the process of Education Evolution, aspiring to offer and maintain the credibility of quality education for the present and future generation in Tanzania. The Training of social workers started in 2000 in Kigoma, as Distance Learning Program in collaboration with the Artevelde hog school of Belgium. The training was offered at the level of Advanced Diploma level, covering duration of four academic Years. In its training, the Institute organizes both, Distance Learning (D.L), Guided Self Study (G.S.S) program and on Campus program. Distance learning is organized for employed people, who cannot attend the daily tutorials of the Guided Self Study program

Historical Background

Social Work training was initiated by Ahadi International Institute for distance learning and, Artevelde Hogeschool (AHS Gent / Belgium), under the auspices of the Brothers of Charity and the Diocese of Kigoma. In Kigoma Region, the Brothers of Charity are very sensitive especially to the needs of the youth, in the field of education which is unavailable to many, due to difficult conditions of life and displacement through wars and violence in the Great Lake Region.

The Artevelde Hogeschool as the main partner of the Newman Institute currently known Kigoma Training College (KTC) has an excellent reputation in the field of Training social workers. They signed a contract with the Brothers of Charity in November 1999, specifying the details of the agreement with regard to the project of training social workers in Kigoma Region. One of the agreements was that the Social Workers’ Training should become a Tanzanian Institute. Since September 2006, KTC decided to prolong its contract/agreement of partnership with this Institute for a further five years. The registration of the Newman Institute of Social Work has the full support of the ministries of Education and Social Welfare through their regional representatives. The Institute has been granted its full registration in 2005.

Accredition Status

Kigoma Training College is an accredited institution under the National Council for Technical Education in Tanzania (NACTE). It was full accredited in August 2016. Kigoma Training College is Full Registered Technical Education and Training Institution since 2005 with a Registration Number REG/PWF/016