Kigoma Training College is an academic Institution run and owned by the Congregation of the Brothers of Charity (St. Domic Region-Roman Catholic Diocese of Kigoma) Tanzania.The college is found in Kigoma region western part of Tanzania along Lake Tanganyika. It was found in 2000 as an institution for the refugees who by that time were in Mtabila and Rugufu camps. However, in 2004/2005 it started to recruit local students from Tanzania who were interested to study an Advanced Diploma in Social Work. In August 2015 the college was full registered by National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and obtained REG/PWF/016 as its registration number. The college is currently offering Certificate and Diploma in Social Work, Community Development and Law. 


To be a self sustaining, a high quality and innovative higher learning social work institution in Tanzania


KTC fulfill a three-fold mission

  • ·         To equip social workers with high standards of knowledge and practical tools for welfare and development work, linked with care- giving, education, administration, research ,mobilizing and lobbying
  • ·         To orient, actualize and harmonize the training towards the needs of the society and the policies in place b authorities ,such as those in the field of illiteracy ,hunger and disaster relief ,environment ,poverty, health, etc.
  • ·         To be a center promoting continued resourcing, updating and research for staff, students and partners
    •     Quality teaching, research and consultancy for quality manpower output for services and leadership.


Core Values
In order for KTC to deliver quality services to its clients efficiently and effectively, its employees should adhere to and be guided by the following values:

 . Promotion of  excellence; Professionalism; Dedication; Diligence; Responsiveness; Accountability; Integrity; Innovativeness; and Transparency



Chuo cha Mafunzo kigoma(Kigoma Training College) kinapenda kuujulisha  umma kuwa Udahili  wa Wanafunzi kwa mwaka 2019/2020 kwa Ngazi ya  Diploma na Cheti katika Fani ya  Uuguzi( Nursing) umefunguliwa kwa muhula wa mwezi wa Tatu.

Chuo cha mafunzo KIGOMA kinapenda kuujulisha uma kuwa dirisha la udahili  wa wanafunzi kwa mwaka 2019/2020 limefunguliwa kwa ngazi ya Cheti na Diploma kwa kozi zifuatazo  kwa muhula wa mwezi wa Tatu.

  1.          Diploma in Social Work 

  2.         Certificate in Social Work

  3.         Certificate and Diploma in Nursing 

  4.         Certificate in Community Development

  5.       Diploma in  Community Development
  6.       Diploma in Law
  7.        Certificate in Law

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